Hedging is available in a number of different forms, from bare root, to root ball and various containerised options depending on site constraints, the time of year, species and budget.  We can advise on what is the best option for you. Each form has its own merits. 

The majority of our hedging is supplied as a root ball from mid September to the end of March each year which is called the root ball season. However, we are also able to provide our own, home grown hedging throughout the year.  All of our plants are grown above ground using the revolutionary and proven Airpot system which actively enhances the growth and health of plants to ensure successful establishment and higher growth rates. This system also allows us to plant at any time of the year without fear of high failure rates. If you are not familiar with this system then please click on the red Airpot link above to see the benefits for yourself.

Photinia Red Robin - popular, evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves, white flowers in flattened flowerhead and striking, young red shoots. Can be planted as a specimen shrub or as a fast-growing, dense, evergreen hedge, where you have space.

Portuguese Laurel - ornamental, evergreen and more formal hedge. It's smaller leaves and compact branches create a dense hedge for optimal screening. The dark foliage against maroon coloured stems creates a striking contrast whilst flowers and berries provide interest for wildlife such as birds and bees.

English Yew - creates the most formal hedge of all. Dense and evergreen with narrow, leathery, very dark green leaves arranged in two rows on the shoots. The bright green new growth provides a great contrast in Spring. Insignificant flowers followed on female plants by fleshy red fruits.

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